Change your recruitment for good in two (or possibly three) steps

Step 1: Claim your school

Your school already shows up with a basic profile when candidates search by postcode or school type. Some may even be following you to be notified when vacancies become available. Add to your school's profile and tell potential staff what you're all about.

Step 2: Reach the right candidates directly, for free

Once your school is claimed, you post vacancies up on your profile. You tell us all the standard details like the role, subject, phase, experience salary and an appealing job description. Then, here's the clever bit. We match that information with candidates who have the right prerequisites (we ask teachers for this information when they sign up) and send them your vacancies, free of charge.

Step 3: Give your whole recruitment process an upgrade

Want to increase your chances of receiving the applications you need even further? How about dramatically cutting the time and cost involved in recruiting the right people? When you're ready, you can upgrade to a pro account

  • Make it 100X easier for candidates to apply to your school
  • Save hours on the shortlisting process
  • Hear feedback from potential candidates who didn't apply
  • Keep track of the whole process in a nice, easy to use dashboard

But don't worry about that just now, simply claim your school to get started and see for yourself. You'll soon start reaching more of the right candidates and it won't cost you a penny.