The Story So Far

We asked headteachers around the UK one simple question:

'If we could come back in 5 years having solved any problem for you, what would it be?'

The answer came back loud, clear and often. We've got to do something about recruitment. Government policy has a role to play here, but there's plenty we can be getting on with at a local level, from dramatically cutting the costs involved to making it 100X easier for candidates to apply. Big change is rarely the result of one major event, it's hundreds of tiny ones that end up making the difference.

We're doing this because we care deeply about education and want the best for our children. As one headteacher succinctly put it 'If you really want to help education, do something about teacher recruitment.'

So we got to work, and here's the start of our contribution. We hope it helps.

Mark Robinson
Founder and CEO